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Vasectomy Specialist

Shawn P Todd, DO, PA -  - Urologist

Texas Urological Clinic

Shawn P Todd, DO, PA

Urologist located in Lufkin, TX

For men who are looking for a permanent birth control solution, Texas Urological Clinic offers two types of vasectomy procedures. Board-certified urologist Shawn Todd, DO, PA, performs traditional and no-scalpel vasectomies on an outpatient basis for men who are sure they don’t want to have children. Dr. Todd also provides follow-up semen testing to confirm your vasectomy is a success and ensure you’re protected from unexpected pregnancies. Call the office in Lufkin, Texas, to schedule a vasectomy consultation, or book an appointment online today.

Vasectomy Q&A

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control for men who are done having children. 

The procedure seals off each of the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm to the urethra before semen is ejaculated. This keeps sperm from leaving the penis as a way to prevent unintended pregnancies.

Having a vasectomy won’t affect your sexual function, desire for sex, or the quality of your erections. The procedure can provide reliable birth control for men who are sure they don’t want to father children. 

However, you still need to wear condoms to prevent contracting or spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Is a vasectomy right for me?

You may be a candidate for a vasectomy if you’re no longer planning to have children and are in overall good health. 

Dr. Todd can discuss your options for alternative forms of birth control if you’re young, you’re under pressure from your partner to have a vasectomy, or you’re unsure you want to follow through with the procedure.

While there is a possibility that he can reverse your vasectomy at a later time, Dr. Todd can’t guarantee it would be successful.

What can I expect during a vasectomy?

Texas Urological Clinic offers vasectomy services on an outpatient basis. Dr. Todd performs the procedure in about 20 minutes.

Before your vasectomy starts, you can expect staff to clean and shave your scrotum. Dr. Todd also provides a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

There are two types of vasectomy procedures available:

Traditional vasectomy

To access the vas deferens tubes, Dr. Todd makes one or two small cuts in your scrotum. He can cut and tie the tubes or seal them off with heat technology before placing them back in your scrotum.

Dr. Todd uses dissolvable stitches to close your incisions. This means you won’t need to schedule an appointment to remove stitches.

No-scalpel vasectomy

During a no-scalpel vasectomy, Dr. Todd uses a small clamp with pointed ends to puncture your skin so he can access the vas deferens tubes. This technique carries less risk for bleeding and pain than a traditional vasectomy.

You should relax for the rest of the day after a vasectomy and can use an ice pack to reduce swelling in the area of the incisions. When it’s safe to resume sex, you should continue to use birth control until Dr. Todd confirms all active sperm are clear from your system through a semen analysis.

To schedule a vasectomy consultation, call Texas Urological Clinic today, or book an appointment online.